Life is Chaos

So, what is Chaos Theory anyway? There is a mathematical model explaining how seemingly random systems, one that appear chaotic are in fact not. That the most random appearing system has an underlying structure, if you look deep enough. Sometimes that’s referred to as the butterfly effect. While, honestly, I don’t get all of the math behind the theory I think it’s a beautiful metaphor.



I’m in my forties and have three kids, all boys. My life is. Chaos. I keep looking for the underlying structure, and I haven’t found one. What I have found is some truths about family and life. Raising kids is hard. Living within your means is hard. Being healthy is damn well impossible if you have kids and are trying to live within your means.

All of those become possible, and easier, if you decide to be the underlying structure behind the chaos. You have to decide to be the control.

What does all of that mean? That’s what a Little Chaos Theory is all about. I’m going to share my experiences in raising kids, living within my means, and getting healthier.